Spadl 100 tonowy meteoryt!

Andrzej Kasperowicz andyk w
Sob, 10 Sty 2004, 05:45:24 PST

>Co o tym pisze BBC:

Spanish TV showed pictures of charred vegetation and six holes, about 30 
centimetres in diameter, near Minglanilla in the eastern Cuenca Province. 

But experts from the Superior Council for Scientific Investigations said 
later that these craters had no relation to a meteorite. 

Jose Angel Docobo, director of the University of Santiago's observatory, 
believes that the largest of the fragments fell near the town of Molina 
de Aragon, near Guadalajara, 54 kilometres north of Madrid. 

Mr Docobo, who witnessed the spectacle during a soccer match, says the 
fragments could be strewn over a radius of 100 kilometres. 


i serwis Reutersa:
Hundreds see fireballs fall from sky in Spain

Reuters News Service

MADRID  - Hundreds of witnesses reported seeing fireballs cross the skies 
of northern Spain today in what authorities said may have been a 
disintegrating meteorite, Spanish radio said.  

The bright flashes were spotted in a swathe across the northern half of 
Spain, from the eastern city of Valencia to the northwestern pilgrimage 
site of Santiago de Compostela.  

In some cases, objects were reported to have fallen to earth.

"I left the house at around 12 minutes to six. I heard a big explosion, 
like an earth tremor, and a white cloud of smoke formed around a nearby 
mountain which took a long time to disappear," a local official from the 
northern region of Palencia told the radio.  

Civil Guard officials told the radio an object had plunged from the skies 
in the northern province of Leon.  

Spain's civil aviation authority ruled out the possibility of a plane 

Jose Angel Docobo, director of the University of Santiago's observatory, 
said the phenomenon could have been caused by a rock orbiting the sun 
which had collided with the earth.

Niektorzy sugeruja, ze to moze byl fragment lodu z komety i dlatego nic 
sie nie udaje znalezc... ;)


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